Boss demands employee checks emails on day off, so employee counts it on time sheet | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/OtherLtDan 19 days ago O 2 11 e14 3 18 E 11 2 Must check my work email every single day? Ok! oc S So working small private ambulance company ended up getting bought out by larger corporation folks have done this kind work, no wasn't company thinking but this new corporation wanted be just like them.

Boss Demands Daily Email Check, Employee Puts It On Time Sheet

Cosmically speaking, anything could go on a time sheet.
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Taken to School

dad money oh snap parents school - 4742614272

When Douchebags Get Caught in Their Own Lies

drugs tumblr douchebags money - 7803529728

The Best Apple Deal Around

puns cars apple money - 8563444224

Can't Spend Money

money - 7103484416
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Guy's half brothers get greedy, threaten to sue, it backfires. | r/ProRevenge Half brothers threaten sue over 16k costs them 158k and possibly their parents' marriage 25f 3, my grandparents passed away. They set up savings account my name account meant be accessed by 21. At point contained just over 300k. My grandparents left letter saying they would like share money fairly with any other "Smith-Jones" children, meaning my full siblings dad's Smith, mum's Jones

Half Brothers Get Greedy, Threaten To Sue, Costs Them 158K

Sorry guys.
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The Power of Money is to Not Care About Mistakes Like This

grammar irony spelling money - 8455968512
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Every Little Bit Helps

complaining money oh snap - 5198375680
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The Missy Elliot Financial Mantra

The Missy Elliot Financial Mantra
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No Time for Love, Get That Paper

instagram relationships money - 8375581952
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You Gotta Make Some Payments, Son

broke debt money - 6100507648

Printing Your Own Food Might Require a 3D Printer

money failbook g rated - 7158764544
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That Might Take a While

twitter relationships money failbook g rated - 8425119488
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That Moment You Realize You're Way More Poor Than You Thought

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Financial Wisdom From Someone Who Probably Can't Tie Their Own Shoes

money wisdom what - 8083731712
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Money Problems

money oh snap your friends are laughing at you - 4700665088
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