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I Think Someone's Confused

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Thanks Mom

Awkward Awkward Moment emoticons parenting mom - 4765149184
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Feelin' the Love

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Go Away, Mum

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The Truth Hurts Almost as Badly as Mom's Broken Knee

Text - "Mom walks in as I'm messing around on her crutches Mom: Oh Matt, are you going to bring those to school tomorrow? Me: Why would I do that? Mom: "So the girls wilfeel bad for you and you can finally get a date. Well played Mom, well played... Like Comment Sunday at 8:36pm and 8 others lke this. View all 37 comments Write a comment...
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Facebook Voicemails from Mom

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You Will Never Live This Down, Mom

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Mom Had The Best Moustache

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Russell's Mum

A Failbook Guide to Trolling mom names Russell Brand troll wikipedia - 4508928512
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Lingerie for My Girlfriend

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Wake and Shake That From Your Memory

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Introducing Facebook XL!

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Time to Hit the Books, Mom

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Mothers Be Good to Your Daughters (or Not)

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