A Failbook Guide to Trolling mom photoshop prank win - 4667940608
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Step Up Your Game, Mom

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Don't Remind Me, Mom...

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The Only Talented One

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You're Never Going to Survive the Single Bar Scene

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Mom Mistakenly Packs Four Loko Into 17-Year-Old's Lunch

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17-year-old McKenzie Strange received a special treat to accompany a granola bar in her brown bag lunch on Tuesday. Mom, who has no idea what Four Loko is, was either oblivious or trying to give her daughter a jump start on a #TurntTuesday. Yes, Mom. You're right... That is sort of like a tea/energy combo. It's also 12% ABV.

Troll Dad Strikes Back

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Mom, Wat R U Doing?

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Grammar Momzi

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Fap, Fap Finds a Way

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Will Trade: One Daughter for Good Relationship OBO

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Deal With It

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Well This is Awkward

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The Very Best

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