Lingerie for My Girlfriend

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Those Chores Are Wimbledone!

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Never Mind, Mom

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Are You Picking Us up from the Mall?

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Step Up Your Game, Mom

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Stay Out of It, Mom!

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How to Parent-Proof Your Facebook

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Mother Knows Best...

Text - P gosh my underwear is bunching up the little men a bit too much, maybe i should start wearing boys underwear? 18 July at 21:53 Unlike Comment and 4 others like this You, you just stick with what ever makes you happy ..hope this helps. Mr.P. I know Milo prefers thongs.... Milo's mum 18 July at 22:37 Unlike 7 people Milo L 19 July at 07:47 Like 1person Write a comment..
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That's No Hug

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Words of Wisdom

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Mom is DTF

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Sorry, Mom!

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