Mom Has Something She Needs to Tell You

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And Her Cake is From a Packet

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Those Mom Feels on the First Day of School

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Exhibit A for a "Attitude"

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Mom Coming in With the Sweetest Burns

Text - Jordan Jordan ud A dfferent word for very large penis ike Comment Share 17minutes ago Sorry to give you a name you can't live up to babyMUM 11 minutes ago Unlike 11 par of all pars 10 minutes ago Like I love my mum. 17 seconds ago Like
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Mum FTW!

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Parents + Facebook = Embarrassment

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Still Awesome Either Way, Right?

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That Burn is Crusty

Text - Joe B NOTHING IS REALLY LOST UNTIL YOUR MOM CAN'T FIND IT. Jnlke Comment Share Wednesday at 11:41pm You and 9 others lke this. Shaun What about your virginity? Wednesday at 11:50pm Unlke 1 Connie B dirty socks... 17 hours ago Unlke 43 in his bedroom..under the ple of Joe B 40 minutes ago Like damn mom
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This Son Decided to Mom-Shame His Mother After Routinely Asking For Snacks and Then Falling Asleep

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Mom Goes Into Freakout Mode, Thinks Daughter's Head Turned Into a Square

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Wrong Type of Challenge, Mom

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Wake and Shake That From Your Memory

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The Week of Mother's Day Has Been Simply Heartwarming

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