First World Problems: Comments

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Every Mother Has Been There

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That's No Hug

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Your Mom's Lucky Weed

Text - shared Tommy Chong's photo. 17 hrs YOU'VE BEEN PASSED THE LUCKY BUD SHARE THIS AND YOU WILL HAVE GOOD LUCK Like Comment Share That's not a 4 leaf clover Mom. 14 hrs Like 1 What is it???? 3 hrs Like thats weed. Something some people smoke it to get high. 3 hrs Like OMG I didn't know. LOL!!! It's pretty though 2 hrs Like Lol. 2 hrs Like Mom you shared it from Tommy Chong's page 1 hr Like No hun, it was on facebook. I don't even know who Tommy Chong is. ??????? 46 mins Like
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Big Pimp Daddy Just Got Told

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Mom Present, Abandon Thread!

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Maybe We Should Revisit the Idea of Parenting Licenses

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Is This Molly's Fault? Are You Sweating?

Text - Yesterday at 9:07am "with the birds i'll share this lonely view" Like Comment 2 people like this stay off the drugs, son lol Like 2. Yesterday at 9:21am its the red hot chilli peppers mom Like Yesterday at 9:23am what kinda drugs r those???? Like 1 Yesterday at 9:55am Like Yesterday at 9:57am
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Just Who I Didn't Want to See

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If They Make Tumblr Accounts, I'm Gone!

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Words of Wisdom

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Step Up Your Game, Mom

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When You Can't Take Your Dog to College

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You're Never Going to Survive the Single Bar Scene

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Most Terrifying Email Ever

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