The Jig is Up!

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Fight for My Affection!

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The Day My Mom Became a Cougar

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That Burn is Crusty

Text - Joe B NOTHING IS REALLY LOST UNTIL YOUR MOM CAN'T FIND IT. Jnlke Comment Share Wednesday at 11:41pm You and 9 others lke this. Shaun What about your virginity? Wednesday at 11:50pm Unlke 1 Connie B dirty socks... 17 hours ago Unlke 43 in his bedroom..under the ple of Joe B 40 minutes ago Like damn mom
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Mom, Wat R U Doing?

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Supportive Mom Is Supportive

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Mom Mistakenly Packs Four Loko Into 17-Year-Old's Lunch

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17-year-old McKenzie Strange received a special treat to accompany a granola bar in her brown bag lunch on Tuesday. Mom, who has no idea what Four Loko is, was either oblivious or trying to give her daughter a jump start on a #TurntTuesday. Yes, Mom. You're right... That is sort of like a tea/energy combo. It's also 12% ABV.

Words of Wisdom

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Those Mom Feels on the First Day of School

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Wake and Shake That From Your Memory

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Brits Share the Things That Piss Off Their Mums the Most For UK Mother's Day

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That's an Interesting Name for Mom...

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Text - FEELS LIKE RUNNING THROUGH MCDONALDS NAKED YELLING "IM THE OTHER WHITE MEAT 18 minutes ago Like Comment likes this. WHAT THE FI MOM a few seronds ann Iike
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Mom is Confused

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Mom Had The Best Moustache

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