These Two Can't Possibly be Related...

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The Irony is Too Strong Here, We Don't Know What To Believe

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Never Has an Ad Been More Apt

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What's That Saying About "Never Meet Your Heroes" Again?

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Trivia Isn't a Game, Right?

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There's Two Ways to Approach This Sort of Thing...

Funny Facebook screen grab of a woman complaining about a man checking her out, and a commented who does not care one bit.
Created by Horrace P McT

It's a Shame Zero News Outlets Covered This Gigantic News Story Last Week

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You Totally Couldn't Relate to People Like That, Huh

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Not a Pound of Regret

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Still Not Complaining but.... -Feeling Indecisive

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Created by fasfan

Waxing Philosophical on Facebook

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Created by AuroraStorm

Never Mind the Balls, Here's Some Cars

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Not a Single Care Was Given That Day

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Nanny-Nanny Boo-Boo You're SOOOO Mature

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Created by PadawanBritt

The Spelling Tables Have Turned!

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Created by superdelia