You got hacked! You're not alone though, plenty of people have been compromised by cyber criminals without ever realizing it. So enjoy some hilarious examples of others and learn from  their mistakes, it will pay off in the end.

You've Been Cucumber Hacked!

cucumber green hacked - 6458511104
Created by Randall83


cheating confession hacked public burn - 3803174144

The Spam Bots Are Becoming Self Aware

whoops hacked spam - 8340336384
Created by Unknown

Meanwhile, in West Philadelphia

profile hack facebook hacked Fresh Prince of Bel-Air failbook g rated - 6999707904
Created by Unknown

Hack of the Day: ISIS Supporters Seize U.S. Central Command’s Twitter, YouTube Accounts

twitter news hacked isis Probably bad News - 8425799936
Via Al Jazeera

Tell Me Again How L33t You Are

comic hack hacked rage comic - 6390821888
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