You got hacked! You're not alone though, plenty of people have been compromised by cyber criminals without ever realizing it. So enjoy some hilarious examples of others and learn from  their mistakes, it will pay off in the end.

Thanks, Dad...

Text - Jenni I am a dork Unlike Comment Share 5 minutes ago via mobile You and Her Dad Did eric steal your phone 4 minutes ago via mobile Like Jenni 2 minutes ago via mobile Like ike this. No dad, you did. Write a comment...
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Meanwhile, in West Philadelphia

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You've Been Cucumber Hacked!

cucumber green hacked - 6458511104
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list accident failbook hacked - 802565

These 10 Social Media "Hacks" Are Totally Worth Your Time

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busted hacked oh snap parents status updates your friends are laughing at you - 4078135040
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In Which Nine Major League Baseball Teams Had Their Facebook and Twitter Hacked

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