You got hacked! You're not alone though, plenty of people have been compromised by cyber criminals without ever realizing it. So enjoy some hilarious examples of others and learn from  their mistakes, it will pay off in the end.

The Nefarious Poop Hack!

moms bathroom hacked - 8233368320
Created by mypassionangel


apple hacked public burn status updates - 3460041984
Created by Unknown

The Hacking is Fake, The Pwning is Real

hijacked relationships hacked dating failbook g rated - 7636022784
Created by H Muller

That's the Cotton-Scented Secret

Via distinguishedbaloney

Hmm, What's on My "Didn't Need to Know That" List Today?

cleavage hacked - 7346432000
Created by Unknown


busted hacked oh snap parents status updates your friends are laughing at you - 4078135040
Created by paperskyx

Of Parasites and Profile Hacks

hijacked hacked - 4862259456

I Know You Are, But What Am I?

brother hacked siblings - 6303661312
Created by Unknown

I Ain't Even Gonna Lie, Bro

bros hacked sex - 6618615296
Created by Unknown

A Single Perfect Tear Is Rolling Down My Cheek

gay hacked homosexual - 6429431040
Created by Unknown


hacked oh snap status updates your friends are laughing at you - 4259867648
Created by Unknown

The Spam Bots Are Becoming Self Aware

whoops hacked spam - 8340336384
Created by English

For a Brief Moment, Neil Young's Twitter Was Filled With Unmentionables

twitter hacked failbook - 8217206016
Via Uproxx
reviews FAIL list restaurant facebook hacked business - 1036037

Someone Finally Got Tired of People Giving Shitty Reviews About Their Bar and in a Totally (Un)Professional Move, Defended Themselves Online

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His Secret Is Out

hacked prank - 6455228672
Created by AC

Hack of the Day: ISIS Supporters Seize U.S. Central Command’s Twitter, YouTube Accounts

twitter news hacked isis Probably bad News - 8425799936
Via Al Jazeera