You got hacked! You're not alone though, plenty of people have been compromised by cyber criminals without ever realizing it. So enjoy some hilarious examples of others and learn from  their mistakes, it will pay off in the end.

Hands Down the Best Pranking Ever

communism hack hacked masturbation prank trolling - 6204363008
Created by curiousmissy

For a Brief Moment, Neil Young's Twitter Was Filled With Unmentionables

twitter hacked failbook - 8217206016
Via Uproxx

Delta Airline Gets its Facebook Hacked by Giggling Middle-School Boys.

Via moneyries

A Single Perfect Tear Is Rolling Down My Cheek

gay hacked homosexual - 6429431040

Hackers Gonna Hack Hack Hack Taylor Swift's Social Media Accounts

taylor swift twitter gross instagram hacked - 8436443648
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Crayola Apparently Had its Facebook Page Hacked... by Horned-Up 12-Year-Old Boys

whoops facebook hacked - 8425049344
Via Adweek

The Hacking is Fake, The Pwning is Real

hijacked relationships hacked dating failbook g rated - 7636022784
Created by Unknown


hacked your mom zing - 3634801920
Created by Clara

Of Parasites and Profile Hacks

hijacked hacked - 4862259456
Created by Unknown

The Spam Bots Are Becoming Self Aware

whoops hacked spam - 8340336384
Created by Unknown

Don't Hate The Player

failbook g rated hacked technology - 5938338560

Found It!

hijacked hacked facebook hacked - 6808730880
Created by Unknown


cheating confession hacked public burn - 3803174144

She Took a Class Once

ex girlfriend hacked dating - 7165857536
Created by OctoKey

Even Hackers Hate Him

forever alone hackers hacked - 4951496192
Created by InsertCredit

In Which Nine Major League Baseball Teams Had Their Facebook and Twitter Hacked

baseball failbook hacked sports - 6479270912
Via Deadspin
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