No Longer Counts as the US

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Steve Harvey sends out mass email that calls for ridiculous boundaries with his dressing room at work.

Steve Harvey Tees Himself Up for Twitter Roasting After Sending Lengthy Email About His Dressing Room Boundaries

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"Stop Clickbait" social media posts with funny honest headlines that will amaze you with their quality.

31 Astonishing Social Media Posts From "Stop Clickbait" That'll Overwhelm You With Their Amazing Quality

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Is That the One Where Captain Kirk Fights the Ewoks?

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scottish people twitter | Person - bengalligan @bengalligan1875 wid honestly rather sleep wi window shut swelterin heat n suffer than gee bee or wasp or one eh they daddy long leg's fucker chance eh gettin

45 Times Scottish Twitter Was Unexplainably Hilarious

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This Twitter Battle Between Very Lonely Luke and Emo Kylo Ren Takes the Cake

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Maybe a Little Spooning Afterward

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Improvisational Theatre

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I Agree With Mom

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Newspaper has hilarious typo that inspires Twitter to roast it perfectly.

Newspaper Gets Roasted After Hilarious Typo Mess-Up

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some real self importance titans

15 Self Important Mind Titans Who Really Brought the Intellectual Heat

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32 Times Celebrities Read Mean Tweets About Themselves and They Were Scathingly Accurate

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Shameless Single Dude Wins Everyones Hearts on Twitter With Clever But Very 'Forever Alone' Holiday Card

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People Don't Talk to Me

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Funny and relatable tweets about money and about being poor, girls at sephora, makeup, flirting, babies and lots of other fun topics that noone asked them to "GO THERE"

18 Amusing & Relatable Tweets For Anyone Who Needs A Light Chuckle

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