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Sometimes You Just Need That Royal Burger

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Who Wouldn't Spare a Few Bucks for a Cause Like This?

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The Beast is Coming for Your Tacos, People

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McDonald's is Trying to Remind You of Every Lame Inspirational Facebook Post From Your Mother

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Obvious in Hindsight

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Hardee's Restaurant Took on Wendy's, Got Hilariously Slayed In Twitter Battle

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Killing You Slowly

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Breakfast Crunch Wrap, You Have Betrayed Me for the Last Time

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Burger King's Already Winning Valentine's Day By Giving Out 18+ Adults Happy Meals

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Guy aggressively tweets at KFC fast food restaurant until they bring back the spicy chicken drumlets.

Internet Hero Aggressively Tweets At KFC For a Year Till They Bring Back the Spicy Chicken Drumlets

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Supreme Leader and a Large Coke Please

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Guy live tweets super dramatic breakup at Burger King.

Guy's Intense Live Tweet of Dramatic Break Up at Burger King Is A Whopping Success

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Tasted Like a Mini Gluten Free Cheese Sandwhich

Tasted Like a Mini Gluten Free Cheese Sandwhich
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14 of our favorite times Wendy's replied with hilarious banter to people on social media - cover image of a burn on McDonald's and finding new friends if that is what they want.

Top 14 Times Wendy's Crushed It On Social Media With Witty Banter

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Wrong Food Joint!

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With a Guest Appearance From the King

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