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Wrong Food Joint!

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FAIL burger king fast food Valentines day - 1554949

Burger King's Already Winning Valentine's Day By Giving Out 18+ Adults Happy Meals

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Only Family Can Cut That Deep

texting mom fast food burn - 8459884288
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tweets about fast food on twitter

Tweets from Fast Food Twitter Accounts That Are Brilliant Displays of Marketing Comedy Gold

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Killing You Slowly

fast food fatty mc fat fat McDonald's - 6009972736
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Which is Surprisingly Delicious

fast food food taco bell - 6000248832
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My Opinion of Food is More Food

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McDonald's is Trying to Remind You of Every Lame Inspirational Facebook Post From Your Mother

hashtag brands McDonald's brand business fast food - 8299038720
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That Moment When You Think Your Raps Are Fire but Wendy's Shuts You Down

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I'm Not Really Loving This

Awkward McDonald's food fast food - 8425247744
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Guy live tweets super dramatic breakup at Burger King.

Guy's Intense Live Tweet of Dramatic Break Up at Burger King Is A Whopping Success

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twitter restaurant kfc reactions funny fast food - 1633541

KFC's Got a Bone to Pick With 'Clean Eaters' And They Tweeted Out One Fire-Starter of a Parody to Kick Things Off

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Supreme Leader and a Large Coke Please

kim jong-un taco bell tacos North Korea fast food failbook g rated - 7245697024
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chicken nuggets fast food funny chickens marketing - 75046401

Marketing Stunt of the Day: Betty The Chicken is This Fast Food Joint's New Social Media Manager

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With a Guest Appearance From the King

twitter McDonald's wendys burger king fast food - 7354629376
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Breakfast Crunch Wrap, You Have Betrayed Me for the Last Time

taco bell food fast food failbook g rated - 8242150144
Created by Ohthatguy84
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