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McColonel Pounders With Cheese

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14 of our favorite times Wendy's replied with hilarious banter to people on social media - cover image of a burn on McDonald's and finding new friends if that is what they want.

Top 14 Times Wendy's Crushed It On Social Media With Witty Banter

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21 Times Denny's Tumblr Was Definitely Out of Control

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The Beast is Coming for Your Tacos, People

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Top Sins: 1. Wearing Two Different Kinds of Cloth at Once. 2. Fast Food.

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I'm Not Really Loving This

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KFC's Got a Bone to Pick With 'Clean Eaters' And They Tweeted Out One Fire-Starter of a Parody to Kick Things Off

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You've Made a Powerful Enemy, Taco Bell

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You Get What You Pay For

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Wrong Food Joint!

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It's Always About the Hamburgers

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Marketing Stunt of the Day: Betty The Chicken is This Fast Food Joint's New Social Media Manager

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Devour This Second Hearty Serving of Wendy's Savagery On Twitter Cause These'll Never Go Bad

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Killing You Slowly

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With a Guest Appearance From the King

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Tweets from Fast Food Twitter Accounts That Are Brilliant Displays of Marketing Comedy Gold

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