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Killing You Slowly

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Wendy's restaurant finally meets its match on Twitter with epic insult exchange.

Wendy's Finally Meets Its Match In Funny Twitter Exchange

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Scumbag McDonald's

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You Get What You Pay For

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Which is Surprisingly Delicious

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Mike from McDonald's Is Blowing Up on Facebook With His Public Service Announcement About Fast Food Employees Getting a Bad Rep

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Fed up with customers and colleagues giving him grief over his "dead end" job, Mike Waite went on Facebook to drop a public announcement that has caught the attention of the entire internet. Mike, who works over 50 hours a week, is sick and tired of people claiming he has no aspirations. Well, the 20-year-old has been heard and hopefully his touching Facebook rant will change the way you look at the person behind the counter next time you order a McFlurry.

With a Guest Appearance From the King

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weird tumblr posts

21 Times Denny's Tumblr Was Definitely Out of Control

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You Should Never Be Too Old for a Happy Meal

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Guy live tweets super dramatic breakup at Burger King.

Guy's Intense Live Tweet of Dramatic Break Up at Burger King Is A Whopping Success

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Devour This Second Hearty Serving of Wendy's Savagery On Twitter Cause These'll Never Go Bad

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Marketing Stunt of the Day: Betty The Chicken is This Fast Food Joint's New Social Media Manager

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Wrong Food Joint!

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First They Served My McNuggets, and I Said Nothing...

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I'm Not Really Loving This

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America: Eating Fast Food to Prepare for Eating Fast Food

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