Sneaky Hillary Is at It Again

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"Ha, Nailed That Status! Back to Candy Crush!"

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Pour One Out for the Homie

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How Many First Names is Too Many?

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Fun Fact: Most Vets Hate Chicken

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Eye See...

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We Hope This Means You Won't Keep Naively Posting Them

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cafe against vegans facebook battle

Facebook Fight of The Day: Irish Cafe Declares War on Vegans, Hilarity Ensues

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annoying facebook status Video - 71918081

Vague Facebook Statuses in Real Life

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customer service list facebook food win - 945669

Finding a Worm in a Salad Quickly Escalated into a Customer Service Story of Excellence

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Instead of Complaining, This Man Helped a Pregnant Mom Struggling With Her Crying Baby

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Who Wouldn't Want to Party With Arty?

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Mirror Cat?

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Likes n' Bits

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Happy Chewbacca Lady Took a Trip to Facebook HQ

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ESPN Analyst Curt Schilling Was Fired Over This Facebook Post

ESPN Analyst Curt Schilling Was Fired Over transgender Facebook Post
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