Will You McMarry Me?

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Being a Pre-Teen Online is Crappy

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The Guardians of the Nap Attack

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Etiquette Demands You Put Your Phone Away During Meals

Awkward facebook failbook g rated oh snap rude social media - 5550498560
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Still Not Getting it?

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Ninja Dog Shows No Mercy

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Not All Quarterbacks Looks the Same

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At Least Put a Discount on Those Things

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When Your Kid Asks for a "Cow Having a Calf" Cake

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weird cats facebook challenge cat animals pets lol cute aww i can has cheezburger users | Pat Goss Peels tomatoes and bites bananas have keep them cage |  Lilo's adventure time Drinking water out everything except her water bowl pitcher with cucumber slices

'I Can Has Cheezburger' Users Reveal Weird Things Their Cats Do

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What if the Spark is Gone in This Social Relationship?

changes relationships facebook breakup - 8122137088
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According to Facebook Ads Matt Damon Does, in Fact, Lift

advertisement matt damon facebook celeb - 8093782528

Government Mandate

date pun teacher facebook barack obama joe biden - 6729920000

Sleep With One Eye Open... Mr Mango Is Coming

dancing failbook facebook nightmare fuel - 8971977216
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This is Gonna Holocaust Someone Their Friendship

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Everyone Knows At Least One of These Boobs

costume halloween facebook dating - 8985297664

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