Dogs with Degrees

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Must Have Been Bad Mustard

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I Haven't Even Reached My Final Form Yet

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This Man is Wanted by the Police, but Let's Hear His Side of the Story


Check-in of the Day: The Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters and Viral Facebook Activism

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This is Facebook's Claim of the Map of the Internet

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The Innocence of Children

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Soon, You'll be Able to Request Someone's Relationship Status on Facebook, as if They WANTED You to Stalk Someone

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Aunt or Uncle

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That's Not the Jingle

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90's Sitcoms Are All The Same

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What if People Left Parties the Way They Left Facebook?

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We Know Who the Favorite is in That Family

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Brian, Brian, Brian, Brian, and Brian All Need Help

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Just Because I Accepted Your Friend Request Doesn't Mean I'm Listening

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the hunger of the facebook trolls is fed the good stuff that we keep in the back

24 Times Facebook Replies Were Comedic Golden Gifts to the Internet

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