Deep Thoughts

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James Gunn Doesn't Have Time For Your Nonsense

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Dumbo Drop the Mic

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Take the XBox and Run

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Why Call Mom When You Have Parentbook?

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Stop, Drop, and Facebook

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How to Save a Life

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After Seeing One Too Many Genwunners...

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Did You Really Just Ask Me That?

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April Fools' Over Share

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Someone Finally Got Tired of People Giving Shitty Reviews About Their Bar and in a Totally (Un)Professional Move, Defended Themselves Online

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We Hope This Means You Won't Keep Naively Posting Them

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trolling a scammer online

Facebook Scammer Threatens Dude's Life After Getting Trolled HARD With Adele Lyrics

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High Level Political Discourse Courtesy of Satirical Fan Pages

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Too Bad You Can't Star These Memes

funny facebook image hitler memes are funny because you're racist
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