There's Your Problem, You Forgot to Delete system32!

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Kids Get New Kitty After Receiving More Than 100,000 Facebook "Likes"

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It's October So Why Not Read a Chillingly Creepy Tale of a Dead Girlfriend Haunting a Facebook Inbox?

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Pound It

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The Daily What: Heartwarming Tearjerker Thank You Note of the Day

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ESPN Analyst Curt Schilling Was Fired Over This Facebook Post

ESPN Analyst Curt Schilling Was Fired Over transgender Facebook Post
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Someone Hacked Mark Zuckerberg's Social Media Accounts Because His Password Was Dumb

image hacking mark zuckerberg Someone Hacked Mark Zuckerberg's Social Media Accounts Because His Password Was Dumb
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Still Not Getting it?

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Hope You're Visiting Kanto Sometime Soon!

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Status Update of the Day: People Who Call 911 About a Facebook Outage Are the Worst

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Gotta Plead Ignorance

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28 Crazy Facebook Posts That Are Out Of This World Insane

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Because This Totally Won't Appear on His GF's News Feed

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That's Not Where They're From?

Text - Sam Wednesday They say that Jupiter's moon, Europa, might actually contain water. And its underground lakes might even contain life! That means there could be Europeans.. Wait, what? Unlike Comment Share and 6 others like this. You, Christ Write a comment...
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I'm Feeling Pretty "Yes" Today, Really

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