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It's a Good Thing Computers Don't Work in the Wizarding World Because Harry Potter Should Probably Stay off of Facebook

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Tech News of the Day: Facebook Launches ‘Work’ for Businesses

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facebook Party Video true facts - 69750785

What if People Left Parties the Way They Left Facebook?

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My Name Is Inigo Potter SpiderBatman Montoya, You Killed My Father, Prepare to Die

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The Worst Grammar Nazi

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Don't Mind Me, Just Passing Through

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Created by fordps3
Collection of people that were displays of pure stupidity on social media.

28 Brainless Mouth-Breathing Idiots Who Need All the Help They Can Get

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parody college humor facebook social media Video - 82449665

Do You Know Why You Were Tagged Last On Facebook?

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Australia is a Croc-Eat-Croc Tough World

facebook Queensland National Parks posts crocodile fighting another corcodile
Via Queensland National Parks
hate united kingdom twitter racism brexit england failbook facebook UK - 844805

A Girl Created a Frightful Facebook Album to Bring Awareness to Post-Brexit Racism

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Apparently They Want To Get Dumped

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Just Set Your Relationship and Forget It


As if Facebook Needed Any More Advertising

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Fun Fact: Most Vets Hate Chicken

chicken failbook facebook - 8794061824
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Deep Thots...

bros do you even lift facebook - 8195844096

Austrian Woman Sues Parents for Sharing Years of Embarrassing Photos

failbook parenting facebook - 8976204544
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