Gotta Hate Those HD Cameras

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By Brabber IL
Music facebook win failbook - 53814017

Mic Test, Mic Test of the Day: A Church Gospel Against Oversharing on Facebook

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That Thug Life

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Via Brown Cardigan
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The Newest Crossfit Move is the 'Taking Back the Armrest' and This Guy is a Champ At It

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When This Young Boy Called Out Wanting to Report on NASA's Next Rocket Launch and NASA Responded

facebook cute Human of New York posts gets response from NASA
Via humansofnewyork
karens, karen memes, stupid people, cringe, cringeworthy, funny memes, memes, facebook, twitter, facepalm, covidiots, anti mask | l'd like speak manager and police like speak police manager | Temecula Beth Talk 6 mins Have ever been restaurant does not give change pay with cash? My bill 47.20 gave waitress $100. and she only gave back $53.00 called over manager which our waitress She said don't usually carry change told her give my $100.00 back and l'll pay with credit card. Eighty cents would

20+ Sassy Memes That Roast Clueless Karens

No you may not speak to the manager
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Just Start With Your ATM and PIN, That Should Get Their Attention

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By mattparadise

As if Facebook Needed Any More Advertising

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Mark Zuckerberg Just Turned 30, so Here He is Compared to the Average 30-Year-Old Man

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Stay in School, Kids

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By Kraken42

Fun Fact: Most Vets Hate Chicken

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Look Out, Ansel Adams!

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By Unknown

YES. Think of the Children

failbook parenting facebook underwear - 8813399552
By putzylolz

Your Facebook Timeline

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By Unknown

Earth-Shattering First World Problems

facebook First World Problems bad timing - 8590046720

True Love is Food Waste

food facebook relationships - 8154189056
Via TysonKent
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