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Facebook in Real Life: Politics

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Making America Crap Again

Making America Crap Again
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Want Someone to Move You? Make a Movie?

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Hilariously Bad Facebook Posts That Are On the Internet Forever

13 Hilariously Bad Facebook Posts That Are On the Internet Forever

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What a Morbid View

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Someone Didn't think About That One

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That is APPALLING But No Seriously Send Them Please

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Angry YouTuber Breaks Down Some of the Worst People on Facebook

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How To Crowd Source An Idea When You're an Independent Person

funny facebook status crowd sourcing yourself
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It's Not Delivery, It's a Technicality

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A Flat Earther's Completely Reasonable List Of Demands

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This is Gonna Holocaust Someone Their Friendship

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Acouse Me?

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Do You Math?

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6 Nice Guys That Got Brutally Reamed on Facebook

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Listen Everybody, Courtney Love Has this Plane Disappearance on Lock

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