Spoiler Alert: I'm Actually Drunk

Spoiler Alert drunk - 6901078016

Greatest. Cop. Ever.

drunk snow dui police - 6973169152
pizza drunk awesome honesty win - 1390085

Overserved Pizza Bro Wins the Hearts of the Internet After His Shamelessly Honest Sick Note

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Are You Sure It Wasn't a Whole Case?

autocorrect drunk spelling wine - 6700160768
Created by mcaddick

I'm That Bad, Huh?

drinking booze drunk - 6937616384
Created by Luke

Life and Relationship Advice From Wise Fred

whoops drunk wisdom relationships quote failbook - 8503844864
Created by Unknown

Please Don't Drink and Facebook

drinking bad idea drunk what - 8376283904

Self Diagnosis

alcohol drunk alcoholic - 4951792384
Created by Unknown

College Papers are Tough, Writing Them Drunk is Even Tougher

funny school fail image girl tried to write paper drunk
Via @kenna_bo__benna

You Can't Put a Price on Generosity

generosity drunk - 4646437120
Created by Unknown

The Dangers of Drunk eBay

whoops drunk ebay - 8422969856
Via Acid Cow

Oh the Memories...

drunk status your friends are laughing at you - 4925050880
Created by Unknown


Blood drama drunk sober - 3256095488
Created by Unknown

I'm With Kris

drinking drunk party hard - 4824838400
Created by pacofajita
people on facebook that are boozing it up too much to post those things online

Drunken, Booze-Soaked Facebook Statuses That'll Make You Thankful You're Not These Failing Idiots

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Ooh, She MADD Now!

drunk drunk driving dui - 7700123904
Created by Unknown
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