news FAIL new years drunk cnn TV - 1307141

Don Lemon Gets Absolutely Wasted on TV During New Year's, and Someone Live-Tweeted the Train-Wreck

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Getting Drunk After Church

drunk wasted church - 6990651904
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Your Drunk Online Shopping Purchases Can Hit Your Wallet Like a Bus

funny fail image guy bought bus online after partying in Ibiza
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You Learn Things About Yourself When You're Drunk

drunk oh god why Oversharing tampons - 8167403520
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Congratulations, It's a Hangover!

whoops drunk phone - 8082810368
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Please Don't Drink and Facebook

drinking bad idea drunk what - 8376283904
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cops FAIL drunk spring break - 209926

Drunk Bikini-Clad Chick Hops on Cop's ATV, Starts Twerking, Gets Stonewalled

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Are You Sure It Wasn't a Whole Case?

autocorrect drunk spelling wine - 6700160768
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Oh God, This Can't Be Good

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It's Wedding Season, AKA "Free Drinks for Singles" Season

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That Drunk

dora the explorer drunk facebook failbook g rated lol - 5684102144
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Eighteen Minutes, That's a New Record!

drinking drunk work - 6407897856
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I'm With Kris

drinking drunk party hard - 4824838400
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Some People Don't Deserve Facebook Privileges. Or Driving Privileges. Or Talking Privileges.

bad idea drunk Overshare dui failbook - 8408755200
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What Else Could We Do?

nurse ambulance wasted drunk - 6682452480
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