When Your Roommate is a Drunk-Vinci

When Your Roommate is a Drunk-Vinci
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Ooh, She MADD Now!

drunk drunk driving dui - 7700123904
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How To Crowd Source An Idea When You're an Independent Person

funny facebook status crowd sourcing yourself
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Australia and New Zealand Don't Like Each Other Very Much

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Make Sure You Get My Good SIde

underage girl posts drinking behind the wheel to facebook
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people on facebook that are boozing it up too much to post those things online

Drunken, Booze-Soaked Facebook Statuses That'll Make You Thankful You're Not These Failing Idiots

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FAIL drunk social media funny dating - 1243141

Drunk Dude Uses Every Single App on His Phone to Ask His Girlfriend If She's Mad at Him

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Perhaps That's Why

beer drinking drunk hangover - 7032849920
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Drunk man climbs over fence in order to ride giraffe, and gets bucked off

This Guy is Putting Kazakhstan on The Map - For the Wrong Reasons

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Thonbs Wamtart!

drunk Walmart failbook g rated - 7836487936

What a Good Citizen!

charity drunk failbook g rated - 7006944512
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Alcohol + iPhone + Band Saw = ????

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An Integral Part of the Joke

alcohol drinking drunk engrish math - 5204444928
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New Year, New Headache

drunk new year hangover - 6936696320

TSA Can Smirn-Off Until She's Done!

drunk airport failbook facebook Party TSA - 8801500928
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Sober Paul vs. Drunk Paul

alcohol drinking drunk failbook sober - 6204651008
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