College Papers are Tough, Writing Them Drunk is Even Tougher

funny school fail image girl tried to write paper drunk
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Revenge Is Best Served Early the Next Morning

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Some Cops Understand What It's Like to Be Blackout Drunk

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Some People Call it a Facebook Post, Others Call it "Exhibit A"

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Don't F**k With Your Cab Driver

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Just Another Prophet on Facebook

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Have You Every Been Drunk Enough to Had a Text Argument With Yourself All Night?

funny fail image drunk bro argues with himself all night via text
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Did I Really?

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In This Country 12 Piece MEANS 12 Piece

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Just Keep It Recent

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Collection of drunk people that are inspiring or terrifying cases of Thirsty Thursday gone too far.

10 Crazy Drunk Fiends That'll Always Be Too Ready Thirsty Thursday

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Drunk Dude Uses Every Single App on His Phone to Ask His Girlfriend If She's Mad at Him

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I'm That Bad, Huh?

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Drunkenly This Guy Booked a "Come to Brazil!!!!" Trip and Then Had the Time of His Life

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Father Getting Into the Christmas Spirit

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Gina Rinehart Has One of Those Faces

drunk failbook facebook selfie - 8801640448
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