Can't Talk, Beating the Panthers

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Are You Sure It Wasn't a Whole Case?

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Alcohol + iPhone + Band Saw = ????

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Drunk Dude Uses Every Single App on His Phone to Ask His Girlfriend If She's Mad at Him

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You Could Wake Up With Worse Things on Your Face

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Did I Really?

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Australia and New Zealand Don't Like Each Other Very Much

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Just Keep It Recent

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Perhaps That's Why

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Collection of drunk people that are inspiring or terrifying cases of Thirsty Thursday gone too far.

10 Crazy Drunk Fiends That'll Always Be Too Ready Thirsty Thursday

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Your Fare Will Be... a Felony?

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Some Cops Understand What It's Like to Be Blackout Drunk

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Self Diagnosis

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An Integral Part of the Joke

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Please Don't Drink and Facebook

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Don't Android and Drive

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