The Only Acceptable Time to Text and Drive

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By Frette Leo

As if Driving With Your Legs Wasn't Bad Enough...

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Via Gipgroup08

Let He Who is Without Sin Take the First Picture While Driving

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By Mark Costabile

Barely Speeding is Still Speeding

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By Unknown

Sounds Safe to Me...

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By Unknown

Don't Forget Who Your Friends Are

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Going Somewhere?

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Did This Kentucky Policeman Just Hit a Flying Deer?!

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Why Women Have Trouble Backing It Up

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By Unknown

I Didn't Know It Was Possible to Be This Stupid

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By Unknown

See? That Totally Makes it Okay!

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Via 08rs4
Music list instagram driving parenting reaction Video win - 689413

QueenzFlip Deserves a "World's Best Embarrassing Dad" For His Song Reactions While Driving His Kids

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By msum1992

Their Insurance is NotMyFault Coverage

funny twitter image guy hits car and leaves fake note
Via @tcalloww


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By Unknown
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Volkswagen Makes a Startling Ad for Those Who Would Rather Text Than Drive

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