Sooo... You Hate Yourself?

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That's Probably Even Worse Than Texting

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A petty revenge tale about a driver that got their comeuppance. | r/pettyrevenge u/-avenged 7h Join 1 3 1 1 So not hurry? Okay then guess don't need overtake, right bit context right-hand drive country, rightmost lane on freeway is fast/overtaking lane and give way faster vehicles regardless fast they're going, even if at speed limit. Basically have no right police anyone's speed as civilian.

Driver Teaches Road Rager A lesson In Petty Revenge

Now that's just beautiful work.
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They Think It's All The Way In

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Clear the Roads

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Who's Driving Who Into a Ditch?

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And by "My" Car, I Mean My Parents' Car

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Whatever Works!

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Did This Kentucky Policeman Just Hit a Flying Deer?!

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Quick, Pretend It's All Been Done On Photoshop!

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"Sirens and Lights, Pull to the Right, but Like Only if You're Feeling it, Bro"

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Zombies Are Taking Over!

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Ashley. STAHP!

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