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Volkswagen Makes a Startling Ad for Those Who Would Rather Text Than Drive

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Forgot Which Side of the Road to Drive On! Silly Me!

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Totally Not Driving

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Hey Look, We Found the Problem on the Road!

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Man disregards his wife's directions and then all the fails ensue | r/tifu u/vistacruisin 5d Join TIFU by not listening my wife and trusting Google Maps XL First off, this actually happened today little background have had camping trip planned this weekend 8 months, and since are able socially distance and spend most our time at beach decided keep trip as planned campground are staying at is about five hour drive our house, and our plan meet my parents and my kids who were staying with my parent

Man Disregards Wife's Directions, All The Fails Ensue

Everything went wrong.
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Ashley. STAHP!

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Hopefully Your Driving is Better Than Your Spelling...

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A petty revenge tale about a driver that got their comeuppance. | r/pettyrevenge u/-avenged 7h Join 1 3 1 1 So not hurry? Okay then guess don't need overtake, right bit context right-hand drive country, rightmost lane on freeway is fast/overtaking lane and give way faster vehicles regardless fast they're going, even if at speed limit. Basically have no right police anyone's speed as civilian.

Driver Teaches Road Rager A lesson In Petty Revenge

Now that's just beautiful work.
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Spending Too Much Time in the HOV Lane

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Way to Increase the Odds

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Open Container Laws Can Bite it!

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"Sirens and Lights, Pull to the Right, but Like Only if You're Feeling it, Bro"

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Just Hold the Pedal Down and Turn Left, Right?

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Driving With Mom

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