Dating is a tricky place. Whether it's online, blind, or a witty pick up line at the bar, the ways to start that dance are nearly endless. Unfortunately, some people still don't manage to navigate its nuances, and end up a lesson what not to do.

Mark Begs to Differ

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Almost Had It!

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Language of Love

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Girl live-tweets extremely entertaining and awkward date with old man she meets through OkCupid Dating Service.

Girl Live Tweets Cringe-Soaked Date With Old Man She Met On OkCupid

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I'm Pretty Sure That's Not How Dating Sites Work

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Top Blokes of Bottom of the Barrel Options

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Shameless Social Media Drama is a Wild Ride

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Girl Texts Guy Insult in an Attempt to Flirt, and Ends up Getting Stonewalled after Some Serious Awkwardness

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Still in Love With Your Ex?

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A Mighty Good Man Will Keep You From Assaulting Anyone

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Pink Tacos For Dinner

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Oops... Forgot We Were Friends!

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When You're Married Even Sexting is a Trap

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"I Need to Be Free"

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Two Minutes...

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Didn't Need to Know That

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