Are the Dice Fuzzy Though?

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By Rachel

Wait, What Was the Point Again?

repair cars - 8175255296
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Confirmation Bias is Always Right!

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Might Need a Few More Hours of Training

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By Unknown

Joe Has a Point

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By tokenwhitechick

"Sirens and Lights, Pull to the Right, but Like Only if You're Feeling it, Bro"

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You Couldn't Even Wait a Day?

bad idea cars robin williams rip - 8285941760
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What Kind of Absurd, Far-Flung Future is This?

retro nostalgia cars - 8272773120
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Father is Not Amused

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Riding Dirty

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Let He Who is Without Rollover Throw the First Snowball

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By Jessica

Punctuation Matters!

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By Unknown

How Does I Laws of Motion?

speed cars - 7310791680
By Unknown

Jesus Didn't Buy American

bible cars faith jesus religion - 6310782208
By Unknown
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You'll Always Check Your Rental Car After Reading This Live-Tweeting of a Nightmare Discovery

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