Selling More Than You Bargained for

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10 O'Clock and 2 O'Clock and OH GOD WHY

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That Kid is Going to Live a Turbo-Charged Life

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I Got a Charlie Horse in One of My Hammy Downs Once

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Nope, You're Just a Jerk!

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Strap Your Hands Across My Engines

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What Kind of Absurd, Far-Flung Future is This?

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Some People Age More Gracefully Than Others

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Don't Trust Others With Your Car...

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Selfie Privileges: REVOKED

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Might Need a Few More Hours of Training

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The Last Facebook Post You'll Ever Make

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How Does I Laws of Motion?

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That Time Nicki Minaj Ruined a Dude's Car Insurance Payments

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I Wish My Girlfriend Was That Dirty

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