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18 Bummers to Remind You Life Could Be Worse

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And She Wonders Why Her Car Insurance Premiums Increased Suddenly

moms cars trolling Then She Wonders Why Her Car Insurance Premiums Were Raised Suddenly
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Some People Age More Gracefully Than Others

decal cars - 8120773376
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Eminem Has Really Gone Through Some Changes Throughout the Years

cars youtube comments eminem burn - 8333171712
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I Don't Remember That Pixar Movie...

toy story cars pixar - 4779557632
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Video of woman jumping onto a hood of a car to fend off car thief.

Women Heroically Avoids Car Jacking By Jumping On Her Car

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are you sure cars - 3747337216
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One Concerned Citizen

bad idea snow cars driving winter - 8457474816

Let He Who is Without Rollover Throw the First Snowball

facepalm cars irony - 8027100928
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Did You Even See the Picture?

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Pro Tip: That's Not How Music Happens

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Mad Max: Apathy Road

Text - 26 mins - I drive way too fast for two reasons. 1. I drive to actually get somewhere. I spend enough time on the road as it is. 2. I really don't give a they're my immediate family. I have a nagging hope that maybe it'll be my last drive. Ever. Still here to piss and moan about it, unfortunately. about my safety, nor anyone else's, unless Like - Comment
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It's a Classy Day Today

cars classy drinking Music - 8179751936
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Looks Like You Haven't Learned Your Lesson Yet

cars Oversharing - 8196067584
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Their Insurance is NotMyFault Coverage

funny twitter image guy hits car and leaves fake note
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911? Nah, Facebook Can Handle This.

accident cars emergency failbook g rated - 8372397568
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