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17 People Who Need a Geography Lesson

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Hygiene Standards Apply Wherever You Are

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Created by Hindsyfella
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People In Melbourne, Australia Are Up In Arms Over Ridiculous Gender Equal Pedestrian Lights

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America's Pledge of Allegiance is so Cool Other People Want to Steal it!

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Via escaloda

We Will Never Forget the Great Australian Mongol Wars

Via 1Voice1Life

It's Spelled Australia!

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Created by Unknown

The Cops Couldn't Catch Han Either

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Created by Benn1994

What Country Are You Thinking Of?

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Australia Gets Scorched By Heat Wave, Proceeds To Handle Situation In Hilarious Fashion

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You Win This Round, Blue

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Kevin Rudd is Prime Minister of Australia (Again)

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Austrian Vacation

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Created by mewhoyoutoo

BFFs T. Swift and Blake Lively Added Adorable Kanagroo-Selfies to Their Aussie Squad Goals

cute animal photo Taylor Swift and Blake Lively take selfies with kangaroo while in australia
Via @taylorswift & @blakelively

Aussie Language Lessons

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The AFP Would Like a Word With You

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Created by Matt

"250000 Likes and I'll Smash Through the Sunrise Morning Show Window"

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Created by Phillip
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