Aussie Language Lessons

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How to Spot an Australian Online

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Australia and New Zealand Don't Like Each Other Very Much

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The Internet Reacts to Graham, an Indestructible Humanoid Designed to Survive Car Crashes

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17 People Who Need a Geography Lesson

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Don't Worry Bill Haters, Australian Police are on the Case

funny facebook image Australian police put out APB on Bill meme
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Hygiene Standards Apply Wherever You Are

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Ouch, 0 for 3!

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After Overhearing Two Women Making Racist Remarks in a Cafe, This Man Had the Perfect Response

win image aboriginal man has perfect respsonse to overhearing racist remarks in cafe
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The Repubic of Auatria

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Roasted, Australian Senator Style!

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A Fate Worse Than Peas


The Cops Couldn't Catch Han Either

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America's Pledge of Allegiance is so Cool Other People Want to Steal it!

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People In Melbourne, Australia Are Up In Arms Over Ridiculous Gender Equal Pedestrian Lights

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Funny social media interactions from the Australian Federal Police Facebook account.

This Australian Police Facebook Account's Dishing Out Amazing Comedic Gems

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