"It's Spelled Australia"

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At Least They Have a Sense of Humor About It

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Top Blokes of Bottom of the Barrel Options

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Australia Gets Scorched By Heat Wave, Proceeds To Handle Situation In Hilarious Fashion

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Australia and Austria: More Than Meets the Eye!

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An Ode to the English language

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BFFs T. Swift and Blake Lively Added Adorable Kanagroo-Selfies to Their Aussie Squad Goals

cute animal photo Taylor Swift and Blake Lively take selfies with kangaroo while in australia
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Roasted, Australian Senator Style!

LGBT australia gay marriage gay rights - 7755344128

In Response to the Anti-Muslim Backlash of the Sydney Attacks, Australians Are Saying #IllRideWithYou

twitter australia muslim restoring faith in humanity week islam - 8403288832
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Funny social media interactions from the Australian Federal Police Facebook account.

This Australian Police Facebook Account's Dishing Out Amazing Comedic Gems

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You Know Your Date's Over When the Ground Tries to Swallow Your Car

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A Fate Worse Than Peas


Don't Forget to Pack an Umbrella

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You Know You Have Zero Chill When You're Asking the Police To Use a Better Mugshot

funny fail image Australian fugitive gets caught after asking for a better mugshot on facebook
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People In Melbourne, Australia Are Up In Arms Over Ridiculous Gender Equal Pedestrian Lights

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Land of the Free, Home of the Outback

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