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The Future of Food is Now: Ready Your Body For #HamDog

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If You Know What I Mean...

australia if you know what i mean - 6800342016
Created by Wafflemag

Don't Worry Bill Haters, Australian Police are on the Case

funny facebook image Australian police put out APB on Bill meme
Via @QueenslandPolice

Ouch, 0 for 3!

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Ask Australia

Astronomy australia planets - 8015841792
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woman spends time with cat when her internet is down

Even Without Internet Access This Woman Managed to Go Viral Thanks to Her Cat

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The AFP Would Like a Word With You

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Created by Matt

Some Aussies are Scared of Religion and Spellcheck

Via YoureNotAGenius

You're Defiantly Wrong

australia sun - 6813025792
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I Don't Understand How Australians Don't Just Fall Off the Bottom of the Earth

australia failbook g rated - 6865773056
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Aussie Language Lessons

australia - 6751407616
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At Least They Have a Sense of Humor About It

australia police poop Professional At Work - 5899921408
Created by mamabearkl
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