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That's Right, Go Back There and Give Him a Good Pounding!

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By Unknown

Back That Sale Up!

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By catfriedrice

The Number One Facebook Page to Follow for Dog News AND Safe Sex Tips

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You Could Choose Literally Any Name for a Horse

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How to Make a Tourist Look Like a Fool

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Must Have Been a Great Meal!

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By ConcernedCousin

Wrong Food Joint!

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The "Stuffed" is Usually Implied

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By shawnacee.marshall

The Waterfowl is Looking Fine This Year

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By Unknown

Seems a Little Cold Out There, Huh?

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By Tesla

The Sexy Autocorrect to End All Sexy Autoccrect

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Taste-Tested, Grandma Approved!

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By Shannon

Isn't it Cool Have Words Have More Than One Meaning?

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By Unknown

Everyone Has One Thing on the Brain

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By Sten

Not the Kind of Magical Device We Were Thinking of

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By Unknown

Customer Service in Every Orifice

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By Unknown