accidental sexy

Secret Third Option: Keep it and Tell No One

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By Unknown

When 140 Characters Isn't Enough

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By alspawn

There's Two Ways to Look at Things

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By Lacey

Keep on Pumping for More Dough

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By themadhunter

Something Tells Me You're Not Looking for Picnic Baskets

Via Brown Cardigan

Duct Tape, Right?

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Via Acid Cow

Oh Hey, My Favorite Band!

Via Brown Cardigan

What a Lucky Lady!

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By immahaveturkey

Cake is Ruined Forever

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By Imbo88

A Match Made in... Somewhere

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By Unknown

It's a Mistake We All Make

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By jc2581

Who's Up for Seafood?

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By Boyd

No No, Like Having Relations With the Male Species

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Via Know Your Meme

You Have Two Options!

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By GirlZilla

Parents Still Just Don't Understand Public Facebook Posts

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By Abbi

Got Wood?

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By UberRoxor