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Where Do the Baseball Metaphors Begin and End?

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The Waterfowl is Looking Fine This Year

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The Sexy Autocorrect to End All Sexy Autoccrect

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This is Going to be a Terrible Couples Costume

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There Seems to be a Misunderstanding About Anatomy

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Buds, Beers, and Bones, What More do You Need?

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They Always Show Up Early to the Scene

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That Means They'll Eat Insects AND Spiders

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It's Always About the Hamburgers

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Grandma's Not Quite on Board

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Bad Hashtags Make Me Feel Nostalgic

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By Ben

Please Blitz, There Are Children Watching

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Punctuation Matters!

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Yes... Chef Hats... Totally...

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Ever Mix Up Your Status and Your Chat?

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A Self-Indulgent Vehicle

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