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Someone Needs to Have Elmo Help With Their Vocabulary

typo accidental sexy Sesame Street - 8075478528
Created by Jesska

The "Stuffed" is Usually Implied

autocorrect whoops accidental sexy Valentines day - 8441715456
Created by shawnacee.marshall

Oh Hey, My Favorite Band!

Via Brown Cardigan

Grandma's Not Quite on Board

whoops accidental sexy grandma Easter Bunny - 8476340736
Created by kk281

One Boy is Going to Have a Very Suggestive Birthday

dude parts accidental sexy Balloons failbook - 8342254080
Created by tomh432

Duct Tape, Right?

costume twitter halloween accidental sexy - 8356348928
Via Acid Cow

They Always Show Up Early to the Scene

tumblr accidental sexy police - 8431981568
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It's Cool, I Hear Rubbers Are Meant to Handle That Sort of Thing

accidental sexy tires spelling - 8090161664
Created by Unknown

Difficult Protein Stains?

autocorrect accidental sexy spelling failbook - 8275301120
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Groupon's Social Media Team Absolutely Knows They're Selling a Sexy-Looking Banana Case

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The Dong Days of Summer

accidental sexy word choice spelling - 8270482432
Created by Dogtoys

Who's Up for Seafood?

accidental sexy suggestion juxtaposition - 8426033408
Created by Unknown

I've Been Trying to Figure This Out for Years

typo headline accidental sexy - 8380280576
Via Brown Cardigan

It's More of a Nightmare Than a Dream

bad idea accidental sexy pr0n failbook - 8042364672

Such a Passion for Dachshunds

dogs accidental sexy parentbook - 8267956224

Chat Room Magic

funny GIF of Omegle chat room magic of people buffing objects to make it look like otherwise dirty in the beginning of the chat.
Via Brown Cardigan

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