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It Takes Some Guts to Tag Family Members

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Underwear-Gate 2014

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Dad Cares a Lot About Vitamin D

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<strike>Status</strike> Evidence

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Clearing Everything Up (Well... Almost Everything)

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Somebody Got Off Lucky

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Don't Brag Unless You Brought Enough to Share

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It's a Free Country, I Can Swerve if I Want!

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Mr. K

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With That Behavior, You'll Meet Gramma Real Soon

Product - 87% 11:01 AM added 7 new photos - and with Yesterday at 11:00 PM Edited Had to have a beer for gramma !:) I miss you so much n will always remember your stories and your awesome personality! I love you! Cheers Gramma olson:) 6 Likes GHT LIGHT
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The Emojis Really Call Into Question What's Going on Here

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Thanks for the Clarification, We Were Worried!

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Women Can Feel the Thirst too

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