What Smells Like Dirty Laundry in Here?

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By Annie

That's My Favorite Simon and Garfunkel Song!

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By Bruce

Sore Throat With a Side of Chafing

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By soren7550

You Are What You Eat, Yeah?

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Via Brown Cardigan

The Emojis Really Call Into Question What's Going on Here

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Via AnimalFriendly94

Calling All Burglars

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By GobiOneBaloney

Status Intolerant

Overshare status update TMI - 4420363520
By gauderio

You're Bound to Get a Buyer at That Price

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By Amy

Nobody Needed to Know Any Part of That

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Via littleraptorarms

An Easy Way to Get Your Girlfriend to Hate You on Facebook

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Via Kristastic


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By Unknown

You Chose Right, Nerd

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Congrats on the Rebound!

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By rockrchick


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Don't Brag Unless You Brought Enough to Share

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Medical Advice FAIL

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By Unknown