This Tops the List of Things You Shouldn't Post to Facebook

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Way to Kill the Mood, Grandma

accidental gross parentbook Overshare sexy times failbook - 8270698752
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When Airing Your Grievances Goes Wrong

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Whatever Will We Do Without Your Presence on Facebook?

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Sore Throat With a Side of Chafing

fap cold TMI Overshare sick failbook - 8467024640
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And on That Day There Were Enough Plungers to Unplug the Multitudes

TMI parentbook Overshare toilet - 8243385856
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make your own fail Overshare your friends are laughing at you - 4269146368
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Read This in a Morgan Freeman Voice for Maximum Effect

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Mr. K

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Comment is Unrelated

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Coupons Are Destroying American Matrimony

marriage Overshare - 8271600896
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Texting Like Only a Dad Could

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They Have a Real Close, Tight Bond

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