You're Bound to Get a Buyer at That Price

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Created by Amy

What's "Tricky" is Getting These Thoughts Out of My Head

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Created by Haylee Cook

Don't Worry, We Don't Know What We Just Read Either

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Created by tela.meloy

It Sounds Like a Special Snowflake Doesn't Feel so Great About Growing Up

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Some People Don't Deserve Facebook Privileges. Or Driving Privileges. Or Talking Privileges.

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Sore Throat With a Side of Chafing

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Created by soren7550

Underwear-Gate 2014

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Unless You Live in Colorado, This Seems Like a Bad Idea

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Created by YourMomWantsMe

And on That Day There Were Enough Plungers to Unplug the Multitudes

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Created by Unknown

Coupons Are Destroying American Matrimony

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Please Keep Your Fanfic Off of Facebook

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A Mighty Good Man Will Keep You From Assaulting Anyone

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Never Trust a Biscuit

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Created by Jacqueline