Girl live-tweets extremely entertaining and awkward date with old man she meets through OkCupid Dating Service.

Girl Live Tweets Cringe-Soaked Date With Old Man She Met On OkCupid

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The Old "That Wasn't Flirting, it Was a Joke" Trick

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art Awkward London statue reactions - 984325

Weirdly Suggestive Statue Unveiled In London Leaves the Internet Very Confused

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At Least it Didn't Have the Pokemon Theme

Awkward dubstep - 6533591040
By FatGuyLilCar

Someone Doesn't Approve?

pregnancy Awkward texting - 4820890368
By Kaschews

Just a Teensy Bit Uncomfortable

sex Awkward failbook - 7594036736
By Ez

For Everything Else, There's Air Freshener...

Awkward Awkward Moment bathroom - 6946689280
By popkiller

You Win This Maze, We All Lose

whoops accidental racism Awkward - 8414874624
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Another Reason to Never Friend Your Grandparents on Facebook

gross Awkward Grandpa failbook - 7887203072
By Unknown

Who WOULDN'T Want to Go Out With Someone Like This?

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You Want Some Splenda With Your Awkcchiato?

Awkward coffee ipod Starbucks - 6549529600
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When Vaguebooking Goes Wrong

Awkward vaguebooking - 8252459008
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I Have Minor Problems With Pedobear

Awkward dad dating Father in laws pedobear - 6094343424
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Like a Dog Who Finally Caught its Tail

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Things Just Went From Dramatic to Cringe-Worthy in This Breakup

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I Give this Joke a 9.75

Awkward failbook g rated Harry Potter zing - 5911577856
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