This Day Just Went From Silly to Weird Real Fast

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Grief Causes Improper Emoji Use

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Man doesn't evacuate for hurricane soon enough, and ends up sheltering with lions | r/tifu Join u/nuqlick TIFU by not evacuating hurricane early enough and ending up shelter with lions L shared this story before on reddit long time ago, but someone told belongs this sub This happened within past few years. Not gonna name hurricane or zoo, because don't want zoo get hate mail about treatment animals or anything really they did phenomenal job with this being during hurricane, and don't

Man Evacuates For Hurricane Late, Ends Up Sheltering With Lions

Definite yikes.
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Tears of a Class Clown

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A Special Achievement in "Not Getting It"

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Privacy Settings Are Your Friend

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Both Parties Are Clearly Feeling it

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Walmart employees describe the strangest things they've witnessed while on the job | gigashadow89 6y My favorite guy who came and said lost remote so need new tv asked him if tv broken wasn't, he just lost remote and didn't want bother finding so he wanted new tv showed him our selection universal remotes he responded with "but then l'd have program new tv comes with preprogrammed remote So sold guy 50 inch tv.

Weirdest Things Walmart Employees Witnessed

Walmart is a magnet for the strange.
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19 Funny Tinder Moments To Get You Through Your Loneliness

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That's Why You Don't Use a Selfie Stick

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Take Pride in Your Incredibly Awkward Embarrassing Moment!

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Never Tell, Except in a Public Status

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Fox News' Jesse Watters is getting torn apart for perceived sex joke about Ivanka Trump.

Fox News' Jessee Watters Is Getting Torn Apart For a Perceived Blowjob Joke About Ivanka Trump

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Good Job, Daniela.

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Time to Reevaluate Your Influences

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The Short Cord Struggle

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