That's Why You Don't Use a Selfie Stick

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Three Guesses What a Rampant Rabbit Is...

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You Know, "I Love You," Like the Hit Song!

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Brands Attempt to Hijack Youth Slang and it Doesn't End Well

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The Most Cringe-Worthy Way to Make Friends

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A Special Achievement in "Not Getting It"

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Your Toes Will Never be the Same

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Finally, a Genuinely Awkward Moment

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The Infinite Patience of Social Media Teams

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The Times They Are a-Changin'

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How to Never Get a Date in One Easy Step

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C'mon In!

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Well That's Going To Make Any One-on-One Meetings Awkward and Hard(er)

funny dating image new boss is an old tinder match that sent dick pics
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The Thirst is Real, and Stronger Than Ever

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Man doesn't evacuate for hurricane soon enough, and ends up sheltering with lions | r/tifu Join u/nuqlick TIFU by not evacuating hurricane early enough and ending up shelter with lions L shared this story before on reddit long time ago, but someone told belongs this sub This happened within past few years. Not gonna name hurricane or zoo, because don't want zoo get hate mail about treatment animals or anything really they did phenomenal job with this being during hurricane, and don't

Man Evacuates For Hurricane Late, Ends Up Sheltering With Lions

Definite yikes.
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funny tinder profiles memes

19 Funny Tinder Moments To Get You Through Your Loneliness

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