Idiot uses porn meme during his college presentation and class is divided over whether he's stupid or hilarious.

Clueless Dude Uses Porn Meme During His College Presentation

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"How's it Going, Guys?"

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Disengage From This Conversation

Awkward relationships thirsty breakup - 8290614016
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Donald Trump Has a Perfectly Trump-Like Response to a Contestant Refusing to Phone Bill Cosby for Donations on "Celebrity Apprentice"

Text - Donald J. Trump Follow GrealDonaldTrump This show was taped just before the terrible Bill Cosby revelations came to light.She still should have asked him for money-goes to charity. RETWEETS FAVORITES 141 276 10:17 PM-4 Jan 2015
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Extracurricular Activities

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I Have Minor Problems With Pedobear

Awkward dad dating Father in laws pedobear - 6094343424
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Brands Attempt to Hijack Youth Slang and it Doesn't End Well

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Awkward in 3... 2... 1...

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Please Don't Drink and Facebook

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For Everything Else, There's Air Freshener...

Awkward Awkward Moment bathroom - 6946689280
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Funny screenshots of people that threw themselves into terribly embarrassing situations - cover image someone in the wrong gender bathroom.

41 People That Threw Themselves Into Horribly Embarrassing Situations

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FAIL list Awkward holiday classic - 1013765

Just a Few Reminders Why Celebrating Columbus Day is Awkward AF

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C'mon In!

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Congrats on Getting Hired! Now You Might be Fired!

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It's a Deconstructionist Piece, Clearly

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Birthday Boy

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