Dating Fails


Aren't You Glad It's Tuesday?

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By Unknown

She's Super Fishy

something is fishy, like that fish
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That Feels a Bit Forward

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A Must Read

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Our Community Responds With Some Truly Bizarre Valentine's Gifts

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Meet the Seduction Master

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By Unknown

Hey, At Least It's Still Your Home

welcome to your ex home would have been worse
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Yes, Lets!

he's ready for some finger fun!
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Put This Over Your Squirtle

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A Valentine Card Must Fit the Recipient Perfectly

a collection of weird valentine's day cards.
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Don't Swipe Right, She's Underage

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First Penile Transplant a Success

can you say peen in the news?
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Is Tinder the Best Dating App?

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Fred Durst Uses EHarmony?

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Using a Calculator to Get Sex

high schoolers are super smooth sex persons
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Never Give Them a Chance at Innuendo

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