Dating Fails


All Regrets

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Sometimes You Just Need to Grab a Booty

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She's Got Her Wedding Day Planned

Girl has a very funny planned out wedding day.
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How to Get a Gamer Girlfriend

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The Earth and the Moon Have an Odd Relationship

mars is a total hobag according to the moon.
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Never Treaty Someone Like Potato

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Must Have Been a Hell of a Beer

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A Re-Telling of Beauty and the Beast

being a ginger is just passed from one to another
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People share stories of their worst ever NSFW experiences.

34 People Share Stories of Their Worst NSFW Experiences

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He Found the Perfect Pic of Himself

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Real Subtle, Bro

dudes douche wtf idiots - 8362317312
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No One Knows You're Looking if You Don't Put Yourself Out There

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What Women Go Through to "Look Their Best."

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Are You a Bye-Sexual?

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Looks Like Someone Won an Argument

Sad wtf argument funny - 8418848512
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He's Really Impressing Her With His Kissing Skills

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