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Benjamin Franklin Needs Love Too

benjamin franklin the ideal candidate to date, but not for president
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So He Didn't Like the Booty?

booty funny profile pic wtf - 8304429824
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christianity daughter dating advice funny Video wtf - 69258753

This Guy Tells You How to Date His Daughter

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The Worst Possible Sign to Have Put on Your Door

door funny sign wtf dating - 8327149824
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Amazon Needs to Reevaluate There Categories

what is this glove even for?
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Every Girl's Dream

wtf nice guys idiots sexy times funny - 8307994624
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Creepy Things to Do: Photoshop Yourself Into Your Girlfriend's Childhood Photos

creepy photoshop wtf dating - 8167121920
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I Don't Want to Take That Many Fingers

take 4 fingers
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He Looks Like He Deserves a Princess

douche wtf online dating funny - 8026392064

Are These Three Things Often Bought Together?

sexy toys and diamond rings
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school wtf sexy times Video dating - 82828033

Margot Robbie Shows You How Fantasizing About a Librarian Doesn't Always Have a Happy Ending

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What an Interesting Name

wtf message online dating funny name - 8218340096
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WHY Would You Use This as Your Main Pic?

profile funny online dating wtf tinder dating - 8240466176
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first date wtf t shirts clothing idiots funny dating - 404485

6 of the Worst First Date Shirts

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Game of Thrones creepy funny idiots wtf - 8240479488
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That's a Dark Tinder Profile

funny online dating wtf tinder - 8332759040
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