Dating Fails


dad joke style memes about being middile class fancy | stock photography unexpectedly run into friend Doug at place establishment Looks like theyll let anybody here lol Omiddleclassfancy | she finds out love Chili's drink crispy boys on reg, drive certified pre-owned Kia Optima, and earn clean 38k salary middledassfancy next thing knew pregnant kylie jenner

'Middle Class Fancy' Nuggets For All The Dads In Training

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Take It, It's Yours

steal your heart dating image
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When a Dude is So Desperate He'll Buy Even a "Land Water Polo Team" Excuse

desperate dude believes land water polo excuse
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Today Was a Good Day

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The Hashtag for Terrible Boyfriends Everywhere

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T-Pain Thoughts

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Guy with Purest of Intentions Sneaks out at 2 AM to Give His BFF a Hug, and Twitter Definitely Doesn't Want to 'Friend-Zone' Him

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As Cool As Keith

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People share their worst date stories on Twitter and the results are terrifying.

15 People Share Their Worst Date Stories

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Girl live-tweets extremely entertaining and awkward date with old man she meets through OkCupid Dating Service.

Girl Live Tweets Cringe-Soaked Date With Old Man She Met On OkCupid

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There's No Running From This One

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Calculating the Efforts of Falling in Love in the Digital Age

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It Says Here You Also Need to Order an App

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Catfish Caught

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The Infamous Last-Ditch Effort

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Forget R. Kelly, This Guy Was Actually Trapped in a Closet and Live Tweeted His Escape

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