Dating Fails


Beggars Can't Be Choosers, Right?

dating twitter funny Beggars Can't Be Choosers, Right?
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Throws Arm Out

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guy proposes to girlfriend during running marathon

Guy Gets Roasted Hard For Crushing His Girlfriend's Marathon Time With Proposal

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She's Married to the Tabby

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Tinder intervenes on Twitter when a couple had endless struggle over meeting up in person/texting each other back.

Tinder Intervenes After Couple Awkwardly Avoids Each Other For Years On End

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When You're Married You Always Need an Alibi

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twitter relationships live tweet breakup funny dramatic dating - 2823941

Woman Live-Tweets Harrowing Breakup Tale That's On Cringe Steriods

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taylor swift twitter list breakup dating - 861701

Calvin Harris Wants Nothing to Do With a New Taylor Swift Breakup Song

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sassy memes, relationship memes | lea adame @leaadame guy at salon is straight up feeding his girl chicken nuggets while she gets her nails done 's kind love support need | Kermit get into stupid argument with bae and want apologize, but pride isn't gonna let do .

15 Sassy Relationship Memes For The Smitten Couples

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People are tweeting on how to #Ruinsexin3Words and it's hilarious

17 Best Responses to "Ruin Sex in 3 Words" Twitter Challenge

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Now It's True Love

image dating makeup Now It's True Love
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High Expectations Be Like

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Some Like It Hot

dating funny twitter Some Like It Hot
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House Rules

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The Investigation Continues

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How to Make Any Movie More Fedora-ble

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