Dating Fails


Girl pulls off genius level petty revenge on a boyfriend that screwed her over by giving his number to a bunch of random people.

Girl Pulls Off Genius-Level Evil Revenge On An Ex Who Screwed Her Over

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People are tweeting on how to #Ruinsexin3Words and it's hilarious

17 Best Responses to "Ruin Sex in 3 Words" Twitter Challenge

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That or She Doesn't Want to Get Glass in Her Feet. Either Way.

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couple marries at store they met at

Couple Spent for Time Get Married Last Minute in the Grocery Store Where They Met

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dating christmas reactions story twitter - 1287941

'Mistletoe Man' Rushing to the Airport Is This Year's Real Life 'Love Actually' Story

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The Secret to a Healthy Marriage and a Great Basketball Career

funny memes steph curry makes 3s for sex
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You Know You've Found True Love When

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Construct the Ultimate Dating Profile by Using Google Autocomplete

Construct the Ultimate Dating Profile by Using Google Autocomplete
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twitter funny dating advice - 141060

Sound Advice From One Who Knows

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angry bride tweets

Enraged Bride Live-Tweets Terrible Customer Service from W Hotel on the Night of Her Honeymoon

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Someone Who Gets It

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Boys, Form an Orderly Line Please

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woman ranting about the boyfriend she cheated on

Cheating Girlfriend's Twitter Rant About Her Cheating Boyfriend Is Pure Cringe

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twitter list batman dating - 582917

10 Best #BatmanDatingProblems Twitter Uncovered

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Girl Points the Irony of Sexism on the Internet With a Picture of Some Headphones

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guy tries to flirt with customer service on twitter

Guy Flirting With Customer Service On Twitter Gets Shut Down And Can't Let It Go

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