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Stepdad realizes that his son snuck a girl into the house after hours, and live tweets the experience | tweet by Tricky-D @DropsNoPanties So, my stepson has girl upstairs his room stayed night and my wife doesn't know yet curious on he plans smuggle her out now whole family is awake and now wait.

Live Tweet: Son Sneaks Girl Into House, Stepdad Finds Out

A true rite of passage.
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Dad Always Had a Way With Words

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guy's tinder powerpoint earned him the last laugh

Rude Woman Teases Guy's Powerpoint Tinder Profile On Twitter And He Gets The Last Laugh

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Throw Yourself Onto the Grenade

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Tweets that capture the emotional roller coaster of dating someone.

22 Tweets That Perfectly Capture the Emotional Rollercoaster of Dating Someone

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Girl shares story of super awkward date she went on through OkCupid with an old man.

Girl Tweets Story of OkCupid Date Gone Horribly Wrong

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Disneyland Brings Out the Real You

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There's No Running From This One

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The Infamous Last-Ditch Effort

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She's Married to the Tabby

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The Power of Being an Independent Woman Compels You

trying not to text your ex boyfriend
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Beggars Can't Be Choosers, Right?

dating twitter funny Beggars Can't Be Choosers, Right?
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Forget Celebrity Prom Dates, This High School Kid Brought an NFL Cheerleader with Him (After 10k Retweets)

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He's Never Coming Back, Mom

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Girlfriend Gifts Boyfriend Big Blanket With Her Butt On It, But We're All Confused About the Location

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sex twitter list celeb ryan reynolds dating - 905989

Ryan Reynolds Has the Greatest Responses to All His Thirsty Fans Who Beg Him for Sex

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