Dating Fails


Hot Enough to Cause Fatalities

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Calculating the Efforts of Falling in Love in the Digital Age

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Already Pre-Shrunk

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Now That's Some Sweet Talkin

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pictures of conversation between guy who rejects girl on tinder who has a massive meltdown | Hey 31 May 2016 Good morning hope u have great day! 1 June 2016 Do u not wanna talk Good morning Hi Samantha, sorry started seeing someone around time matched don't want lead on yesterday Oh 's cool so sorry messaged u mean would love get know u sometime sorry wasn't worth | Psh only reason why people match with u is cuz ur good looking if u weren't then prob no one would match with u Oh wait lol prob ug

Guy Politely Rejects Girl On Tinder, She Has Aggressive Meltdown

Not everyone takes rejection well
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Tips About Texting

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Boys Just Don't Understand

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A Valid Question!

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FAIL friends texting p33n Video win - 80251649

When Your Friends Find See That You've Sent Someone in the Group a Dick Pick, They're Gonna Take the Piss Out of You For it

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This Old Pickup Line Might Work Someday

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random moments from tinder

20 Random Moments From Tinder To Shine A Light On The Chaotic Modern Dating World

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Sexting Can Get Out Of Hand Sometimes

horny pooping sexting sexy times surprise texting Twist Ending - 5834342912
10 times people tried their hardest to get other people to send them nude pictures.

10 Times People Outdid Themselves With "Send Nudes" Requests

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Traumatized daughter is somehow in her mom's group chat.

Traumatized Daughter Was Caught In Her Mom's Cringeworthy Sexting Crossfire

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FAIL creepy tinder conversation texting dating - 1330437

Crazy Guy Finds Girl From Tinder on Facebook and Proceeds to be a Full-Fledged Psychopath

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Funny text messages that'll keep you entertained. | oo Verizon LTE 03:44 1 11 Julianna 00 is not palindrome but is also hi Wait No uts not first one is Why are lying Wait need second Oh fuck Oh Jesus right Oh my god iMessage

24 Entertaining Text Messages That'll Crush Your Boredom

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