Dating Fails


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This is Exactly How to Use Someone's Profile as an Ice Breaker on Tinder

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Girl's Phone Dies, Crazy Boyfriend Proceeds to Have Full-Fledged Emotionally Trainrekt Mental Breakdown

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hilarious texting Spider-Man win dating - 1030149

Guy Forgoes Probable Nudes for Spider-Man Memes in Glorious Display of Dedication

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Turns Out You're a Beast After All

Beauty and the Beast insult text texting ugly We Are Dating - 5277124608

Dad's Knows Best

advice dad dating texting - 8974163968
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U Can See My One-Eyed Monster Bby


Jesus Mary and Jerome!

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FAIL cringe conversation texting messaging dating - 1369605

Crazy Insecure Dude Messages Girl Demanding to Hear If He's Attractive, and Things Spiral out of Control Quickly

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Loaded Question

what time do you get horny text message
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Dong Pics Will Totally Loosen Her Up and Help Her Express Herself Better

penis rejection text texting We Are Dating - 5277212928
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7 in Size, 10 in My Book

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Dude Texts Wrong Number Thinking It's a Girl, Finds Out It's a Guy, Proceeds With Lusty Persistence Anyways

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Just Accept Your Fate With Dignity

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Oooooo This is Awkward...

Awkward texting princess - 6701951488
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Woman's Texts With Manipulative Psycho Escalate Sickeningly Quickly

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Facebook Is Already Giving Away Too Much Information

facebook text texting We Are Dating - 5273607168