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Self Love Is the Best Love

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Guy Wakes Up His Wife In Most Legendary Way Possible For Her Birthday

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Kristen Stewart Is A Romanticalness Expert

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#MyValentinesRemorse Trending Twitter Hashtag Is Easily the Best Thing About Valentine's Day

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Tinder Shares 9 Most Right-Swiped People on Tinder and Offers up Pro Tips as Well

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22 Amusing Tinder Moments for the Young, Dumb, and Full of Clumsiness

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How #@$&ing Romantic

nothing says love like Miller Lite
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Which States Are the Most Romantic?

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If Only "Lady and the Tramp" Had Exponentially More Ants and Less Spaghetti

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Mother and Son Face Jail Time for Their Forbidden Love Affair

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Videogames Are Dangerous!

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Guy Pulls Off Ridiculous Valentine's Day Prank on Girlfriend That Guarantees He'll Be Taking Up Residency In the Dog House

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Funny couple recreates steamy romance novel covers and the results are hilarious.

Couple Recreates Corny Romance Novel Covers and Results Are Hilarious

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Guy with Purest of Intentions Sneaks out at 2 AM to Give His BFF a Hug, and Twitter Definitely Doesn't Want to 'Friend-Zone' Him

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God That Show is Confusing

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