Dating Fails


Puns are basically half-jokes that died somewhere along the way on their journey towards being funny, and that makes some people laugh.

Nesquik and Trill

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Archeologists Are Great at Dating

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You Could Have Made a Goldilocks Joke, But Noooo...

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Easier Than Finding a Date

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Would You Buy These Condoms?

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I'm Not Sure You Succesfully Crossed the Language Barrier

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Gettin' Grilled Over Fashion Choices

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Bros Should Stop Asking Girls To Prove They're Sports Fans, Especially If They Can't Handle the High Heat

funny dating tweet guy asks girl to prove shes an MLB fan and she crushes him
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This is a TEA-lightful Gift for That Special Someone

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cringey moments on tinder that are just not going to happen

16 Tinder Moments That Are Cringey As Hell

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You're Never a No. 2 in My Heart

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How Premature

puns premature ejaculation sexy times funny dating - 8293958144
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No Believe Me, You'll Love This

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You'll Be a Hit at Parties With This One!

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These Pr0n Site Ads Are Getting Out of Hand...Oh, Wait.

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Don't Forget the In N' Out!

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