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Puns are basically half-jokes that died somewhere along the way on their journey towards being funny, and that makes some people laugh.

Want to Write a Horizontal Mambo?

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I Also do a Little Hiking

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A Little Home-Made Fun for Him This Season

Knitta Please chicken dude parts puns get it - 7946588160


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Grab a Map Before You Use This Next Pickup Line

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Dating Dispatches: Harry Potter Likes 'Em With Some Hair Down There

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It's About Band, You Pervert

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You're Going to Have a Grape Time

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Dad Always Had a Way With Words

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It's Hard Dating Someone so Self-Contained

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Looking for a Magic School Butt?

That's a magic school butt.
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Swiper, No Puns!

Swiper, No Puns!
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You're Never a No. 2 in My Heart

Drake puns funny - 7926159104

Baby, I'm Gonna Love You Like A Snowstorm

baby blizzard dating dirty talk double entendre puns We Are Dating weather - 5510263808

Can You Believe They're Together?

Pun of a chemistry joke about oxygen and magnesium dating being a real OMG.
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cheering up sad person with funny emoji texts

Next Time Someone Needs Cheering Up, Try Texting Something More Emojional

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