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Ever hear this pick-up line: Don't worry I'm here; Now, what were the other two wishes you had? These one-liners are as corny as they are unoriginal, but every so often, some guy or gal comes up with something that takes you completely by surprise. Have a good one of your own?

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I've Been Going About Things All Wrong Apparently

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Awww Yea

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We Don't Tolerate That Crap Around Here

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Voldemort Knows How to Get the Ladies

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Game of Thrones: Those Westeros Really Know How to Show You a Good Time

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Transformers Loving is the Best Loving

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Nerdy Pick-Up Lines

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Wanna Show Me Your Red Card?

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Good Stuff, Good Stuff

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Dating Fails: Picking Up Strangers is Hard Enough As It Is

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Hey There, Time Traveler

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I Bet That Cousin Line Works Everywhere

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6 Ways to Get Girls

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Justin Bieber Becomes a Pick-Up Artist

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How Girls & Guys Hit on One Another

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Even Dictators Need Love

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