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Ever hear this pick-up line: Don't worry I'm here; Now, what were the other two wishes you had? These one-liners are as corny as they are unoriginal, but every so often, some guy or gal comes up with something that takes you completely by surprise. Have a good one of your own?

BOOM Your Place or Mine?

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By _AfterDarkness_

Awww Yea

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By Meqad

Something About Disney Prince Pick-Up Lines is Profoundly Strange

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By LaCucarachaBob

We Don't Tolerate That Crap Around Here

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By Unknown

Love Me Some Sexy Binary!

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Via Endless Origami

Touche, Annoyed Woman

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By Unknown

I Bet Newton Used That Line All the Time

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By Unknown

Sometimes You Just Need to Talk Mathy

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By ASHPoD-The-Portal-Gun

Transformers Loving is the Best Loving

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By Unknown
Wild moments from the Tinder dating app that show off how ridiculous people can be.

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By Unknown
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Testing Out the Wing-Woman Theory

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6 Ways to Get Girls

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I Think You Need to Work on Your Pickup Lines

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Via Toothpaste for Dinner

Sometimes You Just Got to Get Away

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By Unknown
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How Girls & Guys Hit on One Another

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