Dating Fails

missed connections

Take My Ex... Please!

Ad posted to Craigslist of a guy who is asking for someone to date his ex-wife so that she leave him alone already.
By Not Sure (Via

Craigslist Missed Connections, the Comic!

dolphins missed connections - 6511236352
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Silly Old Man, Pedobear Is for Kids!

Massive fail on Craigslist of a 60 year old man who uses Pedobear in his posting to meet someone.
By Mrs.Chievous

Craigslist Ad Sounds Straight Out of a Romantic Comedy Movie Script

Screen grab of a very honest dating post on Craigslist that might be TOO honest.
By AllieCat2013

I Want to Thpend All My Time With You!

Not so funny Craigslist ad of someone making fun of Drew Barrymore's lisp.
By Unknown

Roommates With Benefits

craigslist Hall of Fame missed connections roommates - 5048146176
By RainDance

His Pickup Tactics Need Work

missed connections spanish funny - 8421041664
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Birthday Surprise

birthday cheating craigslist missed connections We Are Dating - 5268380160
By ContagisBlondnes (Via

Just Like Dating Womp Rats Back Home

craigslist Hall of Fame missed connections star wars - 5154633216
By Lestat

That's One Connection He Wishes He Missed

aids craigslist hiv missed connections STD sti We Are Dating - 5085307136
By Liz

Full Metal Jacket Is Neither Romantic Nor Comedy

craigslist missed connections movies We Are Dating - 5071265536
By Popito (Via

Sometimes You Are Just Drawn to a Person

missed connections food funny - 8160729344
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Harold and Kumar's Fight to the Death

craigslist fast food missed connections We Are Dating White Castle - 5073332480
By Unknown

She Probably Eats Healthy

awesome farts missed connections funny - 8167543552
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Just Because They're Asian Doesn't Mean They Read Manga

craigslist Hall of Fame japanese manga missed connections specific - 5047859968
By DancingJesus

You Threw Up on My Lady Parts and I Miss You

why is this a missed connection?
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